All The Best News Ticker Plugins for WordPress

Lana Krupnik
6 min readDec 1, 2020


All The Best News Ticker Plugins for WordPress

News tickers on the websites are usually used to highlight something most important and make readers conduct the target action. In this article, I will tell you how to add news tickers in WordPress site and what plugins are my favorite ones.

How to Choose the Best News Ticker?

Let’s start from the beginning. Every time I’m suggesting a selection of my favorite plugins, but there’s always a chance that none will suit you for some reason. I’ll tell you how to choose it yourself, using the example of the news ticker plugin.

First of all, you have to decide what exactly you need this plugin to do. Maybe you just need to list items from a Twitter feed? Or some advanced solution compatible with LTR & RTL languages, multiple browsers, RSS feed, and more? Defining your needs precisely is a starting point of the plugin search.

The functions you need are the keywords you will use to search for the plugin in the archive or simply in Google. You will most likely find a bunch of plugins that suit you, but this is only at first glance.

Let’s figure out how to choose the best WordPress plugin.

1.Pay attention to the number of installations and the plugin release date. Usually, you can find the launch date in the Development section.

If the plugin was launched 3 months ago and has 100 installations, it’s ok, but if it exists for many years and no one uses it, better not to touch it. Choose the proven and reliable solutions.

2.Read reviews carefully. If you see messages about some recurring error — don’t push your luck and avoid choosing this plugin. The WordPress community is anxious to keep reviews from spam, and the information about the plugins is truthful enough.

3.Be sure to check compatible WordPress versions. If you do not see the most recent version of the system, it is better not to consider such a plugin at all.

4. I would suggest testing any plugins you are interested in on a test site. But not everyone has this opportunity, so don’t forget to backup your site before installing plugins. After choosing the best one, delete all others. Never leave unnecessary software! When there are many plugins, they overload and slow down the site.

I gave an example of, but you can find this information on any plugin aggregator! For example,

So, after we figured out the basics, let’s get down to my favorite part. The best premium and free news ticker plugins!

Ditty News Ticker

This is a free simple plugin that helps you create news tickers via direct functions, shortcodes, or in a custom widget. Tickers are available within the list, scrolling, and rotating CSS styles.

I think this plugin is a great solution if you don’t need to cope with complex tasks. If you want to expand this plugin’s functionality into importing news from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed, etc., you will have to buy paid widgets.

Another option is to buy The Ditty News Ticker Bundle that includes all existing Ditty News Ticker widgets. Also, you will automatically get access to any upcoming extension.


  • free
  • extra widgets — $15/each or $50/bundle

Get Ditty News Ticker

Elementor Ticker for News and Other Content

Text Ticker is a widget that comes within the JetBlog plugin by Crocoblock.

This widget helps you to create fully customizable news tickers. You can make it static or animated, adjust colors, choose a font among dozens available, set the text size. You can also pick any number of posts to include in the ticker and set their display order.

As I already mentioned, Text Ticker is one of the JetBlog plugin’s widget. Another 5 widgets allow creating other blog elements like post tiles, navigation, pagination, smart post lists, and video playlists for Youtube and Vimeo.

Price: Starts from $19/year for 6 widgets

Get JetBlog

Advanced Live News Ticker

The name says for itself: this plugin provides advanced opportunities for creating news tickers. It automatically updates news on the website, compatible with jQuery and AJAX, comes with 70+ customization options. Advanced Live News Ticker allows managing the news tickers and the featured news area, sliding news area, and the clock.

Sure, this plugin is compatible with all major browsers and LTR & RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu.

The sources from where the plugin enables you to add news are Twitter, RSS feed, WP posts, or just manually.

Price: $24

Get Advanced Live News Ticker

Vertical News Scroller

This plugin will help you to create a vertical news ticker. Well, that is, such a scrolling block with a breaking news ticker on the side of the site.

Vertical News Scroller allows you to add and display any news quantity, manage the news height width and their scrolling speed, and customize news within the WP theme.

No need to have any coding knowledge to use this plugin. If you need a simple solution for a particular need, this plugin works exactly as promised.

Price: Free

Get Vertical News Scroller

Horizontal scrolling announcements

This is another free news ticker plugin that helps you to create scrolling text on the website. It is a straightforward plugin, and literally, all you can do with its help is to set the scrolling speed, make it pause when the mouse is over, set announcement start and expiration date.

If you need a horizontal news scroller plugin for WordPress, there is no need to spend money and lots of time searching. Just use Horizontal Scrolling Announcements.

Price: Free

Get Horizontal Scrolling Announcements

Instead of Conclusion

Thanks for reading guys! As you know, I’m just a newbie writer, so I really appreciate any fair feedback. Also, if you know some good premium or free news ticker plugins, let me know! I’d love to expand this list with new products.