All The Best News Ticker Plugins for WordPress

All The Best News Ticker Plugins for WordPress

How to Choose the Best News Ticker?

Let’s start from the beginning. Every time I’m suggesting a selection of my favorite plugins, but there’s always a chance that none will suit you for some reason. I’ll tell you how to choose it yourself, using the example of the news ticker plugin.

Ditty News Ticker

  • extra widgets — $15/each or $50/bundle

Elementor Ticker for News and Other Content

Advanced Live News Ticker

Vertical News Scroller

This plugin will help you to create a vertical news ticker. Well, that is, such a scrolling block with a breaking news ticker on the side of the site.

Horizontal scrolling announcements

This is another free news ticker plugin that helps you to create scrolling text on the website. It is a straightforward plugin, and literally, all you can do with its help is to set the scrolling speed, make it pause when the mouse is over, set announcement start and expiration date.

Instead of Conclusion

Thanks for reading guys! As you know, I’m just a newbie writer, so I really appreciate any fair feedback. Also, if you know some good premium or free news ticker plugins, let me know! I’d love to expand this list with new products.



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