Zolden Template Review: Top-Rated WooCommerce Shop Template for Elementor

Lana Krupnik
6 min readMay 25, 2021

The ready-made website template is useful to novice site owners and those who need a platform with simple administration and transparent functionality. Using the template, you can create a simple site without investing much money and time to develop from scratch. So, if you need to build an online store, we recommend you to pay attention to Zolden Dynamic Template by Crocoblock to simplify the process and save the efforts for another day.

Zolden is a WooCommerce shop template for Elementor that is pre-coded and designed specifically to cover the e-commerce niche. This template is dynamic, which means it is powered by the Crocoblock plugins and is ready to display the content dynamically. It has a sleek code, only essential functionality, and goes with everything you need to build a WooCommerce shop. So, let’s dive into our Zolden template review.

Table of Contents

  1. In the Core of Zolden
  2. Pros and Cons
  3. Costs
  4. All Zolden’s Characteristics
  5. Conclusions

In the Core of Zolden

Zolden WooCommerce shop template for Elementor allows you to design any page layout, from the single product one to My Account or Cart page, and customize each and every element on the page. But apart from that, we loved Zolden for its extensive features set.


  • Polished single product pages
  • Clear-cut product catalogs
  • Boosted UX — Archive templates, Smart Upsells & Cross-sells, Wishlist & Comparison
  • Advanced filtering system
  • Custom shop pages

Single product pages

Single product pages are essential when you need to highlight the product and show all required characteristics. Right goods’ presentation and the details told in a logical way help the customers to make a purchasing decision.

A single product page has a well-structured layout. On the left side, you see the photos, which are zoomed if you place a cursor there. On the right side, there is a block with the necessary information about the product. Put a price there, heat button to add this item to Wishlist, insert color and size option, and write everything the customer needs to know about it.

Of course, it is not obligatory to stick to the same layout. You can change everything according to your tastes and preferences and organize the purchase generation considering your ideas.

Here you can choose one of the clear-cut product gallery layouts to place the photos in the required order. Also, Zolden allows you to put sticky elements to highlight pricing, or else, add a small-sized pop-up with a chart and configure reviews and comments sections to get feedback.

Last but not least, set up dynamic clothing color change once, and use it for the required stuff each time effortlessly.

Product catalogs

You can organize product catalogs in grids by categories or other properties. For instance, separate Women’s and Children’s clothes and put these markers into the header. Also, add heart and pair of scales icons right on the cards for the users to save the liked item or add it to comparison. Or add discount tags to tempt the customer quicker.

Integrate search bar and filters here, for example, product categories, color, size, price, brand, etc. Apply sorting conditions — Sale, New Arrivals, Bestsellers, and other options you may need. Also, you can define the display type: whether the product will be showcased in one card with a photo and price under it, or present it in the listing, with the photo on the one side and more details on the other.

UX Tricks

  • Archive templates — add archive category and apply one of the pre-designed templates, Grid or List. Add layout switcher to change the page appearance with the help Product Loop widget. It will allow you to choose how to display the product information in a compact or more extended way.
  • Smart upsells & cross-sells — you can organize cross-sells and upsells using the specified templates. You just need to incorporate them into the required pages, single or catalogs. Put these relevant suggestions in the appropriate places to retain the customers.
  • Wishlist & Comparison — highly recommended functionality for improving UX. Zolden WooCommerce shop template for Elementor provides the possibility for the users to create their personal collections of the items they liked. Along with it, they are free to compare their characteristics on a separate page and make a decision.

Advanced filtering system

Filtering is important for sales and customers to retain. Zolden in conjunction with JetSmartFilters offers advanced filters, which you can set up easily. Having a pre-configured multi-level filter, you are already good to go. However, you have the opportunity to build a personal filtering system according to your requirements.

Zolden provides AJAX filters for you not to wait for the page to reload and lose some results. You can filter by categories, apply visual filters and insert brands logos, add price range filters, sort everything by the rating, have other types of filters, like checkbox or select.

Clear navigation is also applicable here — you can include pagination, adjoin a quick purchase button, and provide featured products block.

Custom shop pages

Check Crocoblock tutorial on creating custom checkout page with Zolden

Zolden is a flexible WooCommerce shop template for Elementor, so it allows creating custom shop pages and setting them up due to the online store specifics. You can design My Account, Cart, Checkout, and Thank You pages separately, building custom templates and organizing the most suitable layouts. Yet, Zolden has some standard layouts for these pages for you not to be bothered about it; nevertheless, you are free to design them from scratch to keep your website’s logic.

Pros and Cons


  • Only essential features and functionality
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Highly-customizable — tune every detail, play with the settings
  • Fully compatible with all JetPlugins
  • Flexible and responsive — nicely displayed on every device
  • Flawless WooCommerce and reliable payment systems integration
  • Include all pages and design elements the WooCommerce shop requires
  • Free for All-Inclusive membership owners


  • Can conflict with some wp.org plugins
  • There is a risk of failed template setup due to wide functionality
  • Can’t be purchased separately, only in a set with plugins


The thing is — you can’t buy one Zolden template separately. But this is not cost-effective for many reasons, and, besides, subscription gives more opportunities.

Yet, the good news is that: a) prices are fair enough; b) Crocoblock provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you get your money back if something doesn’t meet your expectations. Apart from Zolden, you get more than 10 dynamic solutions for other businesses (car marketplace, housing rental, vacation site, bookstore, medical services, etc.).

  • The All-Inclusive plan costs $130 per year for 1 website. It offers 10+ dynamic templates (including Zolden WooCommerce shop template for Elementor); 18 plugins for literary all purposes; one customer support and product updates.
  • All-Inclusive Unlimited costs $265 per year. It provides all the same that All-Inclusive plan offers, but you can apply it to unlimited projects.
  • Lifetime membership guarantees that you will pay $750 once, get more than 10 dynamic solutions, 18 plugins, and build unlimited websites. Along with it, constant customer support and all product updates stay with you forever.

All Zolden’s Characteristics


  • WooCommerce, Elementor, JetPlugins


  • Desktop and mobile devices

Product Gallery layouts

  • 4

Products filtering

  • AJAX, Reload, Visual, Categories, Range

Custom Shop pages

  • 3 available (My Account, Cart, Thank You pages)

Separate purchase

  • No

Max pricing

  • Lifetime subscription (18 plugins, 150+ widgets, 10+ dynamic templates) — $750

That’s it for my Zolden template review. Create product catalogs, insert advanced filters, and put discount badges to make your WooCommerce store even more shoppable. Improve UX and shopping experience with archive templates, wishlist, and compare functionality and related products. Add custom shop pages, like the My Account and Cart page, and make the users get the best from their online shopping.

Share your feedback on Zolden with me, and my article with the world :)

xoxo, Lana